Day Tripper

Dear Creatures is a labor of love for designers Bianca Benitez and Rob Sinclair. The two share a passion for decades past which culminates in a classic foundation for their collections. They infuse traditional elements with a modern sensibility which sets Dear Creatures apart from the pack. Benitez and Sinclair have stayed true to their aesthetic over the years, and continue to produce fresh new looks time and time again. This season is no exception! The best part is the collection is available for purchase here. I can’t wait to rock that granny-chic head scarf!
Logan Dress 
Sweet Caroline Dress
Sammy Brodsky

Bettie Page Clothing

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Philadelphia is home to the first Bettie Page clothing store in the East Coast! Yes the iconic “Queen of Pinup” has her own store, so to speak. It is full of 1950’s inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories. Needless to say, I welcomed the store with open arms. The garments are absolutely stunning. The clothing is a little pricey, but the quality is impeccable. I especially like that the dresses have an authentic 1950’s silhouette. It makes it fun to throw in a modern twist. Bettie Page Clothing is backed by Tatyana Designs, Inc. a Las Vegas company that has gone global selling in 57 countries nationwide. So as you can imagine it is very exciting that they chose to put the store in Philly. While you won’t get to experience the lovely atmosphere you can access the shop online at For more information about the lovely and talented designer Tatyana Khomyakova check out her bio here.
Tie Me Up Anchors
Alika Circle Pink Dot
Sammy Brodsky

Chloe + Isabel

As you know I am a jewelry merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, and I am so excited to show you their lastest collection The Duchess! This collection is inspired by parlor opulence. Ornate filigree, delicate seed pearls, and sophisticated shimmer define this Duchess worthy collection. Pastels and neutral tone crystals collide for a fresh color mash up, while opalescent accents and rosary linked pearls dress up your daily routine.  Check out my online boutique and see for yourself!
Sammy Brodsky

Age is Just a Number

So here’s the scoop. Liu Xianping is the new face of Yuekou boutique, and now sales are a-booming! Oh he’s also is the grandfather of the owner, Lv Xianping. It all started when he held up a few garments to give his granddaughter a few pointers on mixing and maxing. He then threw on the ensemble and they thought it’d be fun to start shooting. Liu says, “Why [is it] unacceptable for someone like me to wear women’s clothes? Modeling for the store is helping my granddaughter and I have nothing to lose. We were very happy on the day of shooting. I’m very old and all that I care about is to be happy” (  I couldn’t agree more. He sure knows how to rock an outfit. As they say, when its right, it’s right!

Sammy Brodsky

Half Pretties

Get rid of those ordinary foot pads, and say hello to Half Pretties. Neda Dion created a fashionable solution to ease the pressure on the balls of your feet, and keep your feet from sliding forward in heels. I mean I was sold the second I saw the lace trim, but that’s besides the point. Half Pretties not only provide comfort, they also add a unique and elegant touch to any ensemble! Dion said, “Half-pretty is how I see the world. A world in constant motion, constant change.” She created Half Pretties because she believes in creating a world where be can all be comfortable and pretty.


Sammy Brodsky